About 24 productions

A message through images and sound sticks with people longer than text alone. The demand for visible advertising is increasing every day. Especially on online platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram. This is where I can help your business or organization.ย My name is Casper Oostland and I am an audiovisual designer. Together we can bind a target group to your company or move your target group to action through photos, videos and more.

what i

In 2016 I started my own company ’24 Productions’. A company specialized in video production and marketing for the international market. 24 Productions is a one-man company and therefore I do all the work mostly on my own. It is my job to turn your idea or text into video.

Being a video creator requires a versatile mindset. All video productions are unique and there’s all kind of different genres of video productions. This versatility is what gives me energy and motivation. Going out of my comfort zone is what I look for every day. Let’s collaborate!


are you interested?

I would be happy to answer all your questions or brainstorm together to find out if I can mean something for your company or organization. Don’t hesitate to send me a message or call me.