common ground | visual effects

common ground

Common Ground is a post apocalyptic brexit movie trailer. It was for a VFX course I made during my stay in Scotland and is to date a project I’m very proud of. Read more about the Visual Effects used down below. 

Director: Casper Oostland

Post production: Casper Oostland and Alexandra Romana

visual effects

To implement visual effects and create objects that aren’t real I use different techniques. Here you can learn about my way of working to create objects that aren’t there in real live.

double exposure

Using double exposure we create an overlay that projects a second shot onto an existing shot.

green screen

With a green screen we can change the background of a shot. This is used to create a background we didn't shoot in real live.

3d tracking and replacing

Using 3D tracking we can implement objects in footage that weren't there in the shooting. In this case we made it look like the building was falling apart and give it a dystopian feeling.

explosions, fire and smoke

Adding explosions is one of my favorite parts of VFX. It combines multiple techniques to create fire, smoke and explosions to a video.