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smart ticketing

By keeping track of the place in the queue and showing it to the user, you not only create a sense of honesty, but this queue is also really honest. Once you have been assigned a spot it is fixed and can no longer be influenced. The queue is then finished and when it is your turn you can buy a ticket.

If the event is sold out, no problem your spot will be saved and if someone wants to sell you a ticket and you are on the first spot you will get that ticket. This way you don’t have to search the internet for a ticket for days, but you immediately score a ticket when it’s your turn. The ticket then has to be paid in advance to avoid traffic jams, because visitors have to think whether they really want to buy the ticket. You can cancel your seat with one click and get your money back immediately.

My concept is not going to change the whole ticket world, but will provide a fairer and therefore better experience for my target group. Long and unclear queues have been causing irritation for decades and I think everyone can recognize themselves in this. People are impatient creatures and this results in uncertainty during processes like buying a ticket. A ticket to your favorite party should not be stressful or create insecurity. Buying a ticket should feel like a fine and fair process and I think I have contributed with this concept.